Carports Johannesburg  are a black owned company that specialise in the installation, maintenance and repairs of carports, awnings, and shaded parking nets. Our expertise lays within the various products we offer, and all of our products are specifically designed and suited to match our clients needs.

Carports Johannesburg   are still relatively new to the industry with approximately 8 years within the industry, however we take on every new client or business with the same knowledge and expertise that many of our fellow competitors within the same market do.

Carports Johannesburg  started off our company in August 2010 after the World Cup and found that our industry still has a need for more companies like ours. Those who ever expanding and growing within the market.

Our expertise brings about new and dynamic changes to our products ensuring that we remain above the rest, whilst being profitable, maintaining a social responsibility to our community and customers and being one of the few companies who have been recognised for being proactive against climate change and using environmentally friendly products.

We are based in Pretoria; however, we operate all over Johannesburg and Pretoria as well as other regions if that’s where our expertise is wanted.

We have been part and parcel of exciting projects at massive retailers where we have installed cutting edge solar panel technology to our shaded and steel structured car ports. This has seen us obtain industry awards, whilst at the same time, seeing a new trend within the market as a result.

Carports Johannesburg   are all about saving the planet as much as we can whilst ensuring we save that hole in your pocket too. Our excellent team are on call 5 days a week to assist you in our innovative designs. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today.