Although Carport sets Johannesburg  speciality and expertise lays within the installations, maintenance and repairs of carports and shaded ports, we recently extended our area of expertise to awnings and patio sets.

Whilst these are mainly for our home owners, our product is not limited to within the home only. We are all about satisfying our clients needs and wants, and therefore, are open to our products being used wherever desired.

Our Carport sets Johannesburg are covers used to shelter any patio, big or small from all the elements such as rain, hail, wind and snow. This also includes protection from the sun and the harsh ultra violet rays that our expensive furniture, are often exposed too.

We only use top quality, environmentally friendly materials to create and install all of our products making us a definite standout within the market. This also ensures that our clients are left incredibly happy with the work that has been done and with the end result.

Our Carport sets Johannesburg sets can be custom made to any size or colour. The same goes with our awnings. Our awnings offer slight shade variances to an area in comparison to our patio sets. These are especially useful for just above a back door for example. These also offer protection against the harsh elements as well as the sun against the wood of the back door for example.

Installation of our awnings can be somewhere in the region of one to three hours depending on the size, whilst our patio sets can take a little bit longer, within the region of two to five hours.

Both our products come with a three-year warranty and like with our carports, maintenance is very simple and easily managed.