Established in 2004 Carports has been in operation for 14 years, Specializing in Carports, Awnings and Shade ports. We have built a reputation for stylish and quality-built Carports at a price that is affordable and manageable. The term carport comes from the French term porte-cochère, referring to a covered portal.

We install carports, Awnings and Shade ports. Our metal carports structures offer ideal protection of assets from the unpredictable storms. They beat the expensive costs of garage construction and can be installed in just one day!Carports are convenient and multipurpose which makes it ideal for parking of vehicles, recreational areas and do-it-yourself home renovations. Our awnings are available in Aluminium, polycarbonate and fibreglass.Shade ports are available in various colours and ideal for office blocks and office parks. They are available in the four-post system and cantilever.

The benefits of Carports, Awnings and Shade cloths are. Offers protection from the sun,Easy structure design with replaceable shade nets.Ideal for play and pool areas, etc.Does not affect the property coverage with respect to building plans. Carports offer less protection than garages but allow for more ventilation. In particular, a carport prevents frost on the windshield.

we use only best “A” grade materials & pride ourselves on quality with a give a warranty on our workmanship for two years from date of completion. We have an extensive range of quality products that we both manufacture and install. At Ash’s Carports we don’t compromise on quality as only A-grade steel and high-strength shade netting is used. Our sheeting material and shade netting are available in a comprehensive range of colours.Another advantage is that our business is owner operated and supervision is an absolute must for us as we take great pride in our work and we use only specific materials to ensure the highest standard. Please note the sizes below are our basic sizes. Steel is supplied in 6m and 9m lengths at a standard height of 2,4 metres high. 3 x 6m R8500.00 -(single car) 3 x 9m R10,500.00 -(2 small cars behind each other) 6 x 6m R11,000.00 -(2 cars next to each other) 6 x 9m R14,400.00 -(3 cars next to each other) 6 x 12 R21,000.00 -(4 cars next to each other or 2 front 2 back) We specialize in the following areas of Expertise in are A Framed Roofs, Arched roofs, Flat Roofs Gutters and Downpipes. An example of the many common types of modern carports sold on the market. This particular one is a stand-alone model.

Specific size required – No Worries, we will gladly measure your available space and supply you with a free quote excluding call out fees.Painting your carport is entirely up to you, it can be painted with red oxide with can be painted within 6 months by yourself or you can alternatively just use a primary colour with either Dual Coat or Ram Coat. We only use quick-drying Industrial enamels only available from steel suppliers.

Our workmanship is approved by insurance Companies, Architects and Engineers. We will help you with any custom project sizes and designs as per your requirements.

Say goodbye to the unwanted weather conditions and enjoy the freedom of your sheltered environment all year through. Contact us with your requirements and set up an Obligation free call out and quote.

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