Let us help you find Expert fence installers for electric fencing in Krugersdorp. Hire electric fencing Krugersdorp for installations and repairs of electric fence

Let us help you find Expert fence installers for electric fencing in Krugersdorp. Hire electric fencing Krugersdorp for installations and repairs of electric fence

Need expert fence installers for electric fencing in Krugersdorp? Electric Fencing Krugersdorp provides top-notch services at prices that won’t shock you. They have everything in stock to get the job done, from quick call-outs to full warranties.

Get your home or business secure with their reliable electric fence installations and prompt repair services in Krugersdorp.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – reach out today. Whether it’s a new setup or fixing an existing one, these professionals will ensure your property is protected with the best electrified barriers available.

Trust them for all your electric fencing needs in Krugersdorp; they’ll deliver quality work every time.

7 Pros of Electric fencing Krugersdorp

7 Pros of Electric fencing Krugersdorp

Electric fences in Krugersdorp offer many benefits. They keep homes and businesses safe and secure.

  1. Easy to Install: Unlike traditional fences, electric fences go up quickly. This means your property gets protected faster.
  2. Improved Visibility: The City of Krugersdorp likes palisade fencing because it’s easy to see through. Electric fences also offer this advantage.
  3. Cost-Effective: You pay for electric fences by the meter, which can save you money.
  4. Deters Intruders: The shock from an electric fence is strong but safe. It scares off people trying to break in.
  5. Certification Included: A certified electric fence comes with a COC certificate, showing it meets legal standards.
  6. Regulation Compliance: Electric fences in Krugersdorp are regulated and must not exceed 450 mm in height.
  7. Extra Security Layer: Adding an electric fence gives you another level of protection against crime.

Electric Fencing Services in Krugersdorp

Looking for electric fencing services in Krugersdorp? You’ll find plenty of options to fit your security needs and budget.

  • Installation: Professional teams will set up your new fence quickly and correctly.
  • Repairs: If your fence breaks or malfunctions, experts are on hand to fix it.
  • Maintenance: Regular checks keep your fence working well and prevent problems.
  • Upgrades: Want the latest technology? Services can improve your current setup.
  • Compliance Certificates: Get the documents you need to show your fence meets legal standards.
  • Security Solutions: Combine electric fencing with alarms, CCTV, or roboguard systems for extra safety.
  • Energiser Repairs: If the power source fails, technicians can repair or replace it.
  • Wire Replacement: Old or damaged wires? They can be swapped out for new ones.
  • Animal Management Systems: Protect livestock with tailored fences that keep animals safe inside and predators out.

Electric Fence Installation Krugersdorp

Krugersdorp Electric Fencing specialises in setting up electric fences around your home or business. They use high-quality materials and provide expert service. You get a 2-year warranty on all new electric fence installations too.

Trained technicians handle the entire process, from planning to final checks. This ensures your electric fence works well and keeps you safe. If you are thinking about security, consider an electric fence as a strong barrier against intruders.

Now let’s explore the cost of different types of electric fencing in Krugersdorp.

Electric Fencing Types with Prices for Installation in Krugersdorp 2024

Understanding the costs involved in electric fence installation is crucial for planning your security measures.

Electric Fence Type Strands Average Price per Metre (ZAR)
Wall Top Electric Fence 6 Strands R 180
Wall Top Electric Fence 8 Strands R 200
Free Standing Electric Fence 20 Strands R 750
Free Standing Electric Fence 30 Strands R 1,500
Custom Electric Fence (e.g., for farms/large properties) Custom Price on request

Prices reflect a combination of material and labour costs. They may differ based on specific requirements and site conditions.

Electric Fence Repairs Krugersdorp

Electric Fence Repairs Krugersdorp

After checking out the types and prices of electric fencing, you might also consider repair services. Electric fence repairs in Krugersdorp are quick and reliable. Experienced technicians are on standby to fix any problems with your electric fence.

They work with all brands, including Nemtek fences and energisers.

Need a broken wire fixed or an energiser serviced? Call a professional from Krugersdorp’s trusted repair teams. They tackle everything from small residential fixes to large commercial jobs.

Fast turnaround times mean your safety is never compromised for long. Plus, most companies guarantee their work, giving you peace of mind that your fence will function properly again in no time!

Krugersdorp electric fence repair prices 2024

Understanding the costs involved in maintaining your electric fence is essential for budgeting and ensuring your property remains secure.

Type of Repair Basic Cost (ZAR) Additional Costs (may include call-out fee, materials, etc.)
Wire Tensioning R250 – R500 R100 – R200
Replacing Insulators R15 – R30 per insulator R200 – R400
Replacing a Broken Strand R200 – R400 per strand R150 – R300
Energizer Repairs R500 – R2000 R250 – R500
Keypad or Controller Issues R400 – R800 R150 – R350
Grounding Issues R300 – R600 R200 – R400

Prices can vary based on the complexity of the repair and the rates of the electric fence specialists. Regular maintenance can help reduce these costs by preventing larger issues.

Always consider professionals for your repairs to maintain the effectiveness and safety of your electric fencing.

Electric Fence Installers Krugersdorp vs DIY

Electric Fence Installers Krugersdorp vs DIY

After exploring the costs associated with repairing electric fences in Krugersdorp, it’s essential to consider whether to engage professional installers or venture into the realm of DIY.

Criteria Professional Electric Fence Installers Krugersdorp DIY Electric Fence Installation
Cost From R180 per meter for basic to R1,500 for advanced setups Material costs may be lower, but potential for additional expenses if mistakes are made
Expertise Highly skilled professionals with knowledge of the latest standards and technologies Dependent on individual skill level; steep learning curve for beginners
Time Installation is quicker due to experience and team efforts Time-consuming; requires significant personal investment
Equipment All necessary tools and equipment are provided by the installation company Requires investment in tools and equipment
Quality and Reliability Professional installation ensures a high standard of workmanship and reliability Quality can vary greatly and may impact long-term reliability
Warranty and Support Often includes warranty on both materials and labour Limited to manufacturer’s warranty on materials; no labour warranty
Safety and Compliance Installers adhere to safety standards and regulations Risk of non-compliance with safety standards and local regulations
Customisation Can propose and design custom solutions for specific property needs Limited to off-the-shelf solutions unless you have advanced technical knowledge

Conclusion on electric fencing in Krugersdorp: Trust Electric Fencing Krugersdorp for installation and repairs of electric fences

Electric fencing in Krugersdorp keeps homes and businesses safe. Trust the experts for top-notch installation and speedy repairs. They know how to handle electrified barriers right, ensuring your peace of mind.

With reliable services at hand, you’ll have a secure space in no time. Choose professionals for all your electric fence needs; they’ve got this covered!


1. What is electric fencing, and why use it in Krugersdorp?

Electric fencing is a boundary that uses electric shocks to deter people or animals from crossing a perimeter. It’s often used in Krugersdorp for security – keeping homes, livestock, and commercial properties safe.

2. Can I find an installer for electrified fencing near me?

Absolutely! You’ll discover many installers offering services right here in Krugersdorp. Just search “electric fence installation prices” or “installer near me” to get started.

3. Are there different types of electric fences available?

Yes, there are various forms like high-tensile wire, tape, rope, polywire and polytape for different needs – whether it’s garden electric fencing or securing your pets.

4. How much does installing an electric fence typically cost?

The cost can vary quite a bit based on the type and size of the area; however, factors like materials used – be it Nemtek energisers or other brands – play a big part too.

5. Complications with repairs — are they common?

Not particularly; if you maintain them well. But hey — stuff happens! When you need fixing up your fence setup or replacing parts such as wires or energisers — know help is out there ready to assist!

6. Is it possible to have solar-powered electric fences?

Yes indeed! Solar solutions are popular as they save energy and upkeep costs while ensuring your property remains protected even during power cuts.