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1) TV Installation is done with Pride

Regardless of whether you mounted your TV yourself or had someone else do it for you, you need to have a professional help you properly and safely secure it to the wall. A master television installation specialist will help you mount your TV to the proper standards, ensuring that it does not fall off the wall and into pieces.

2) Let the Expert TV Installers handle it

Installing a television on your own can be a difficult task due, to the size and weight of the TV. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, hire a professional installer to do all of the work for you. A TV mount installation professional will come to your home and position your television, helping you get the best view possible.

3) We offer FAST TV Mounting Services

There is nothing quite like relaxing on the couch and watching your favourite show. As you enjoy your show, don’t you wish could watch it while lying in bed or from the comfort of your favourite chair? Well, with TV mounting services, you can enjoy TV from any room in the house. Specialized tools are used to mount your TV to the wall or ceiling. When you have a qualified technician do the work for you, you can have peace of mind that no harm will be done to your TV.

4) Affordable TV Installation Rates

Wall mounting a TV is an art form, but we’ve freed you from that burden by providing comprehensive TV mounting services in the form of an easy to use TV wall mount installation guide. A trained professional can complete your job in under 20 minutes and make sure everything is done correctly, but what do you do when you have no professional experience with a TV mount? If that’s the case, don’t worry. We can help you! We even have a TV mounting service plan that gives you affordable rates for professional installers with all the right tools and knowledge required to mount your TVs. Contact us today!

5) Your TV won’t fall off the wall – TV Mounting

The lifespan of your TV will be increased by making use of a solid mount, as opposed to an unstable stand. The mounting service will help to prevent the undue stress that can occur from huge TVs being placed on flimsy stands or brackets. If a friend or family member has been injured due to a TV falling onto them, it’s crucial for them to consult with TV installation experts about having their televisions installed in an appropriate manner.

People also ASK – TV mounting

How much does it cost to get a TV mounted?

Homeowners who are about to purchase a new LED TV and wish to have it mounted on their walls could be in for quite a shock when they find out how much this costs. They discover that this is going to be an expensive job, hiring an electrician or a professional TV installer who will spend hours mounting the television with their own tools and equipment. While there are cheaper ways of doing it, they only risk damaging their TV sets while mounting them on their own. There is another option that many people often overlook, which is actually the cheapest way of installing one’s TV without breaking the bank. You can purchase your own mounting brackets, which are easy to get hold of online.

Should I mount a TV by myself?

Sure, you can mount a TV by yourself. A television wall mount is a necessary piece of equipment if you want to put your TV on the wall. A television wall mount can free up space, look great, and make your TV safer to operate. Follow these few simple steps to install it on the wall properly.

Is TV mounting expensive?

There is no need to wait and pay a lot of money to install your TV mount on the wall. With the right mount, all it takes is a screwdriver and you can do this yourself – all you need to know is how to use the right kind of mount for your TV and how high or low on the wall you want your TV to be.

Do I need a high-quality wall mount?

It’s always a good idea to get a high-quality wall mount when you buy a new television, especially if your TV is an LED one. This is because LED TVs are less durable than those with traditional TFT screens and need special care when mounted. Our installers have all the necessary tools to support big TVs and ensure their safety.

What size TV should I mount on a wall?

So you want to mount a TV on the wall, huh? Well, what size TV should I mount on a wall? Before you rush out and buy a TV mounting bracket system, there are a few things to consider first. A 32-inch LCD/LED television can weigh as much as 40 pounds or more. It will need a solid wall that is at least 2 inches thick for support; anything thinner could cave in over time.

How do I mount a TV?

Installing a TV is all about tricky angles, but with the right strategy, you can mount it in your home without looking like a total amateur.

First of all, make sure that the screen is horizontal— otherwise, you’ll be watching everything at a diagonal angle. If you want to keep the cables hidden, try running them behind your wall or under your floor. Or, if you need more flexibility than that, use trunking or conduit to route wires through and get them out of sight.

Angling your television towards where your viewers will be sitting or standing gives the best viewing experience and minimizes neck strain. If possible, mount it at a height that keeps viewers from bumping their heads on it.

And remember: when in doubt, go with 4K HDMI cables for the best picture quality!

Find TV Mounting Professionals Near You

Choosing to find the right TV mounting professionals near you can make a huge difference in your life, especially if you need the best value for your money. At our company, we provide you with a comprehensive database of licensed and insured TV mounting installers to take some of the pressure off of finding the right company as well as help you find experienced professionals that fit your needs as well as your budget.

Need help finding a TV Mounting professional?

We’re the television mounting company that can install or repair any brand or model of TV mount currently available. Our technicians have years of experience and can install or repair any brand or model of TV mount currently available.

What options come with our TV Installations?

We offer a wide variety of options for TV installations to meet your needs. Indeed, we are available to help arrange the cables and place them where they should be. We can also arrange things behind the TV and make it a whole visual experience. If you have any questions regarding what we have to offer or if you’d like an estimate, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Choose the Right TV Bracket

It’s hard to find a TV wall mount that is affordable, adaptable, and quick to install. Hanging your flat panel on a wall is a great way to save space, and with our TV Bracket, you can have it up in minutes. Designed for the home or office, our brackets (in flat or tilting models) let you position the TV in the most convenient place for both watching and hiding cables.

Fixed TV Bracket

We provide excellent Fixed TV Brackets that can be fitted on walls. These brackets are designed with a universal fit to accommodate most televisions and are ideal for rooms with less space yet you still want to watch television.

Tilting TV Bracket

Our tilting TV brackets come in two models: the 26″-48″ TV bracket and the 32″ to 70″ TV bracket. Our brackets allow you to tilt the TV forward—concealing cables, or opening doors for storage. They also include a cable management system to prevent tangling, and an easy adjustment feature so you can find the best possible viewing angle. For added convenience, our 55″ tilt-only mount is wall-mountable.

Swivelling TV Bracket

This affordable swivelling TV bracket allows you to mount your TV on the wall, and it can rotate 90 degrees, or hang flat against the wall. Ideal for a small apartment or student room where you have some space under the TV, this bracket is simple and easy to install. It unlocks and swivels with a lever, and includes a cable management system to help manage wires and keep them out of sight.

TV installer near me?

Need help finding a TV mounting company? We are the experts you want, and give you the entire range of TV mounting services to choose from. From wall mounts to wheelchair mounts, we have something for everyone! Call us today to book an appointment.

TV mounting above the fireplace

When watching TV you do not want to stare at a fireplace, you want a complete TV mounting system that allows you to enjoy your time and your food while watching all of the great movies. Many people choose to mount their television above their fireplace but have limited space for what they can watch on the typical televisions. We resolve this issue by giving you the ability to mount your TV above the fireplace but still be able to watch various channels and enjoy various movie stations.

Do you install TV aerials?

With our TV antenna installation services, you’ll enjoy a crystal clear picture, no matter what show you’re watching. Additionally, we provide a detailed report on the digital channels available in your area and recommendations for equipment upgrades.

Can I mount my TV on drywall?

Sure, it’s possible to mount a TV on drywall using the correct mounts. Please note that not all mounts are made equal so make sure you know what you’re buying and which one will work best for your application.

How high to mount my TV?

Of course, in the end, the decision on how high to mount your TV is yours. Luckily, there are many online calculators available that can help make your decision easier. All you need to do is input a few measurements and the calculator will tell you where to install the brackets so you can enjoy your new HDTV.

Can I mount my TV on the ceiling?

If you’ve thought about mounting your TV on the ceiling, you know how tricky it can be to make sure it’s positioned above your eye line and there aren’t any cables visible that can distract from the setup. To make this job easier we suggest using a tilting mount. These mounts allow your TV to lean back so it’s set at the perfect position for viewing and won’t fall forward if someone bumps into it.

How to set up my TV?

While many of our customers choose to install their new TVs on their own, our TV installation services are available near you! We will have your new TV installed quickly and ensure a job well done. In-house professional installation is our top priority, so you get the perfect TV set-up without taking valuable time out of your schedule to do it yourself.

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