Let Us Help Find You Approved Handyman Services In South Africa


Finding the right handyman for your home repair and maintenance needs can be a daunting task in South Africa.

  • We understand the importance of entrusting your home repairs to someone with experience and a proven track record.

By conducting extensive research on available handymen near you, we have compiled a comprehensive list of trusted service providers across various regions, such as Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

  • Not only does our platform help you find approved handymen within minutes but we also share valuable resources like interview questions which can guide you through the selection process with ease.

Additionally, by partnering with innovative apps like Uber-like service providers that cater to the maintenance sector offering plumbing services or electrical services at just a tap away further simplifies shortlisting quality handyman services as per your requirements.

Explain Handyman Services

Explain Handyman Services

Handyman services are provided by skilled maintenance workers who are capable of performing various tasks in the home or business, ranging from minor repairs to major projects.


A handyman is a skilled professional with the ability to perform a diverse range of repair and maintenance tasks around your home or business premises.

  • These highly versatile individuals are proficient in tackling various types of work, such as electrical installations, plumbing repairs, carpentry and joinery services, painting and decorating jobs, general home repairs and maintenance tasks.

The job description of a handyman can vary significantly depending on their area of expertise; however, the core skills typically remain consistent across most handymen professionals.

  • They should have exceptional problem-solving abilities paired with strong communication skills in order to efficiently resolve any issues that may arise during the course of completing a project.

Additionally, many handymen possess valuable experience working within local building codes and regulations – ensuring that renovation projects comply with necessary guidelines for safety purposes.

Hiring An Expert Handyman

  1. Cost-effective: Professional handymen often charge less than specialized contractors, providing affordable services without compromising on quality.
  2. Time-saving: Handymen have diverse skills, allowing them to complete multiple tasks in a single visit, saving you time and effort in coordinating with several experts.
  3. Quality workmanship: Approved handymen are skilled and experienced, ensuring high-quality work that meets industry standards.
  4. Comprehensive services: Handymen offer a wide range of services, including plumbing, electrical repairs, carpentry, painting and general home maintenance.
  5. Personalised solutions: A professional handyman can tailor their services to suit your specific requirements, ensuring all tasks are completed according to your preferences.
  6. Insurance coverage: Approved handymen typically have liability insurance, offering peace of mind in case any issues arise during or after the job is completed.
  7. Work guarantee: Many handymen guarantee their work for a certain period post-completion, providing assurance of lasting results.
  8. Expert advice: An experienced handyman can offer valuable tips and advice on maintaining your property and preventing potential problems down the line.
  9. Convenience: With a single point of contact for all your home improvement needs, coordinating appointments and communications becomes much simpler.

Wide Range Of Handyman Services Available Across South Africa

Looking for a handyman who can handle everything from electrical repairs to home renovations? Look no further. Our approved handymen offer a wide range of services across South Africa, ensuring your home improvement needs are met with precision and care.

Low Cost Electrical Repairs And Installations

Electrical repairs and installations are one of the most critical services offered by professional handymen in South Africa.

  • As a homeowner, you can rely on an experienced handyman to handle various electrical tasks such as circuit breaker replacement, wiring repairs, outlet installation, and even implementing smart home upgrades.

Hiring a skilled maintenance worker with expertise in electrical repairs and installations is not only essential but also convenient for homeowners seeking a single point of contact for their home improvement needs.

  • In addition to being cost-effective, these experts boast years of experience over a wide range of jobs that require attention to detail.

Low Cost Plumbing Services

Handyman services include plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance. If you have a leaking tap or need to fix a clogged drain, a professional handyman can help.

  • They are trained to handle any plumbing issues that may arise in your home or office.

Some of the common plumbing services provided by handymen include fixing leaks in taps, repairing running toilets, unclogging drains and toilets, installing water heaters and showerheads, replacing broken pipes, and repairing damaged fixtures.

You can trust these skilled professionals to ensure that your plumbing system is working effectively all year long.

Low Cost Carpentry And Joinery Services

Handyman Services in South Africa offer various carpentry and joinery services, such as hanging doors, replacing fascia boards, and building shelving and cabinets.

  • Carpenters are skilled tradespeople who work with wood to create furniture or structures that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

Joinery services include crafting wooden fixtures like staircases, balustrades, window frames, and decorative mouldings.

For instance, if you need bespoke shelving units installed in your living room space for book collections or entertainment items, a professional handyman can assess your requirements and provide practical advice based on their experience.

  • They will take precise measurements before creating a detailed design plan to ensure optimal use of space while maintaining an attractive finish.

With proper tools and technique at their disposal coupled with years of experience in carpentry works makes them efficient in executing expensive build-outs which gives every client value for money expended.

Low Cost Painting And Decorating

Painting and decorating are crucial aspects of home renovation. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to transform the look and feel of a room.

  • It can bring life back into old, worn-out walls or create an entirely new atmosphere altogether.

Professional handyman services offer painting and decorating services in Cape Town that cater to various styles, preferences, and budgets.

  • Moreover, with a professional handyman service provider at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about finding reliable painters or decorators who will deliver satisfactory results.

You can browse through their extensive directory across South Africa and choose from reputable providers near you based on customer ratings and reviews.

Low Cost General Home Repairs & Maintenance

General home repairs and maintenance encompass a wide range of tasks that many homeowners face on a frequent basis.

  • These can include anything from fixing leaky faucets, repairing damaged walls, replacing light fixtures or installing new ceiling fans.

With many homeowners leading busy lives, it can be challenging to find the time and energy needed for general home repairs and maintenance – not to mention the skills required.

  • Hiring a reliable handyman service ensures that all tasks are completed correctly, and your home remains in tip-top shape.

Plus, regular maintenance prolongs the lifespan of appliances, minimizes costly emergency repairs while also ensuring that they operate at optimal efficiency levels – saving you money in energy costs over time.

Low Cost Home Renovations

One of the key advantages of using a handyman is their expertise in home renovations.

  • Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom or expand your kitchen, a qualified handyman service can help you achieve your vision.

Adding value to your property is another reason why so many homeowners choose home renovation services from a reliable handyman. Research shows that upgrading certain features in your home, such as kitchens and bathrooms, can significantly increase its market value.

Special Services Offered By Qualified Handyman

Special Services Offered By Qualified Handyman

Qualified handymen offer a range of special services, including emergency repairs, same-day services, weekend services, and customized services tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Low Cost Emergency Services

In times of emergencies, it can be quite stressful to find a reliable handyman service.

  • That’s why many professional handymen offer emergency services to provide quick and efficient solutions to unexpected maintenance issues.

For example, Sabadell Insurance and Pensions offers a handyman service that includes emergency calls in under a certain amount of time.

  • When choosing an approved handyman for emergency situations, it’s important to consider their response time and availability.

A trustworthy handyman will respond promptly when contacted for an emergency repair job and should have the necessary tools and equipment on hand to make the required repairs immediately without any unnecessary delays.

Low Cost Same Day Services

Handymen offer same-day services to customers who need their repairs and maintenance done promptly.

  • These services can include plumbing, electrical, and mechanical repairs, among others.
  • Many professional handymen have mastered their crafts and can accomplish certain tasks on the same day as requested by the customer.

For example, if a customer has a leaking faucet or an overflowing toilet that cannot wait until later in the week for repair, they can call up an approved handyman who will attend to this problem without delay.

Low Cost Weekend Services

Weekend services are a convenient option for customers who have busy schedules during the week and find it difficult to take time off from work or other commitments.

  • Many approved handyman services in South Africa offer weekend services to cater to their customers’ needs.

With skilled handymen available on weekends, you can rest assured that your home repairs will be completed efficiently and effectively without causing any disruptions in your daily routine.

  • From fixing leaky taps and installing new light fixtures to renovating your entire home, a handyman service with weekend availability ensures that every job gets done quickly and professionally.

Low Cost Customized Services

One of the key benefits of hiring an approved handyman is their ability to provide customized services tailored to your specific needs.

  • This means that you have the flexibility to request a variety of different services, whether it’s repairing a leaky faucet or renovating your entire home.

For instance, if you’re looking for unique furniture that fits perfectly in your space, a handyman can build custom pieces for you. Additionally, they can recommend affordable alternatives for high-end materials while still achieving the desired end-result.

Open Hours And Fast Response

Need a handyman but worried about their availability? Worry no more, our approved handyman services offer open hours and fast response times to cater to all your home improvement needs.

  • Our team is available 7 days a week, meaning you can schedule an appointment at your convenience.
  • We understand that emergencies happen, which is why we offer same-day services for urgent repairs or installations.
  • In addition to same-day services, we also provide weekend service appointments to ensure that your home maintenance needs are met when it’s convenient for you.
  • Our skilled handymen offer customized services where they work with you on scheduling, timeframes and other logistics that will make your experience stress-free.

With our open hours and efficient response times, finding quality handyman services in South Africa has never been easier.

Areas In South Africa Where Local Handyman Services Are Available

Areas In South Africa Where Local Handyman Services Are Available

Professional handyman services are available across all regions of South Africa, including Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Free State, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Northern Cape and Mpumalanga.

Professional Handy Men cover

  • Gauteng
  • Kwa – Zulu Natal
  • Free State
  • Western Cape
  • Eastern Cape
  • North West
  • Limpopo
  • Northern Cape
  • Mpumalanga

Service these areas

  • Cape Town Northern Suburbs: These areas include Bellville, Durbanville, and Brackenfell.
  • Johannesburg South: This area covers suburbs like Alberton, Bedfordview, and Bryanston.
  • Pretoria East: Handyman services in this area cover suburbs like Centurion and Middelburg.
  • Port Elizabeth: Areas covered include Jeffreys Bay and Newton Park.
  • Durban North: This area includes suburbs such as Umhlanga and Chatsworth.
  • Western Cape: Handyman services are available across this region, including the suburbs of Somerset West and Sea Point.

Updated 2023 Price List For Handyman Services In South Africa

Service Price Range (per hour) Average Hourly Rate
Electrical Repairs and Installations R250 – R500 R52.19
Plumbing Services R250 – R500 R52.19
Carpentry and Joinery Services R250 – R500 R52.19
Painting and Decorating R250 – R500 R52.19
General Home Repairs & Maintenance R250 – R500 R52.19
Home Renovations R250 – R500 R52.19
Emergency Services R300 – R600 R55.00
Same Day Services R300 – R600 R55.00
Weekend Services R300 – R600 R55.00
Customized Services R250 – R500 R52.19

Leave Your Worries Behind; Your Handyman’s Got Your Tasks Covered

One of the main benefits of hiring an approved handyman is being able to leave your worries behind.

  • No matter how big or small the task, a skilled and experienced handyman has got you covered.

Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet, installing new light fixtures, or assembling furniture, you can trust that your handyman will get the job done efficiently and effectively.

  • Plus, many handymen offer customized services based on your specific needs and preferences.

The best part about hiring an approved handyman is knowing that they have the expertise to handle all types of tasks around your home or business.

Conclusion: Trust An Approved Handyman For All Your Home Improvement Needs

In conclusion, a handyman is the ultimate solution to all your home improvement needs.

  • With their diverse skill set and experience in various areas of repair, you can trust them to get the job done right.

From small odd jobs to larger remodelling projects, they can help you save time and money while ensuring top-notch quality work.


  1. What services does a handyman typically offer?

A handyman offers a wide range of services including carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting, furniture assembly, and general maintenance and repairs around the home or office.

  1. How do I find a reliable handyman in my area?

You can find reliable handymen through online directories or local classifieds, but it’s important to read reviews from other customers before hiring someone.

  • Asking for recommendations from family and friends is also a good way to find a trustworthy professional.
  1. Should I expect to pay per hour or per job when hiring a handyman?

It depends on the agreement you have with your chosen handyman.

  • Some charge by the hour while others may provide an estimate for the total cost of the job upfront based on their experience and expertise.
  1. Can handymen help with larger projects such as renovations?

While many handymen are skilled in multiple trades, they may not be licensed contractors that handle large-scale renovations.

However, some handymen do offer project management services where they coordinate with other professionals like electricians and plumbers to complete more extensive home improvement projects.