Our mission is to connect you with local expert intercom installers! Benefit from top-grade intercom systems [Intercom Installation & Repair]

Our mission is to connect you with local expert intercom installers! Benefit from top-grade intercom systems [Intercom Installation & Repair]

We tap into a vast network of industry experts who can deliver unrivalled installation, repair, and maintenance services for various types of intercom systems. Our paramount mission is to bridge the gap between you and top local intercom installers in South Africa.

Priority is given to ensuring that these installations not only enhance your building’s security but also seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

  • Benefit from premium quality intercom systems capable of revolutionising communication within residential complexes, commercial establishments, schools or industrial units.
  • Our handpicked range includes gate intercoms, wireless intercoms, video-enabled systems and many more – each one promising excellent performance and durability.

Besides offering world-class products like Commax Intercoms or BptInterkom among others, we facilitate professional installation by skilled technicians at affordable rates across Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal Eastern Cape and other regions around South Africa.

Accredited Intercom Services in South Africa

Accredited Intercom Services in South Africa

In South Africa, we offer accredited intercom services that include installation, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and system integration. Our expert technicians ensure reliable and efficient intercom systems for residential and commercial properties.

Installation of Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a vital aspect of security infrastructure, and their installation demands expertise and precision.

  • In South Africa, our highly skilled engineers and technicians deliver impeccable installation services for voice, video, and GSM intercoms.

During the process, they adhere to strict industry standards to ensure your system functions smoothly and reliably.

  • Recognised brands like Zartek Wireless Intercom System in Pretoria affirm this commitment to quality with ICASA’s approval after rigorous research and development.

Each intercom setup is tailored specifically to meet your needs – be it 1-to-1 audio intercoms or more complex configurations such as 1-to-many intercoms or even advanced options such as 1-to-1 video intercoms.

Undoubtedly, having these professional installations brings you peace of mind knowing that expert hands have secured your property.

Maintenance and Repairs of Intercom Systems

Keeping your intercom system performing at its peak requires regular maintenance and repair, especially if it’s an integral part of your home or business security.

  • We pride ourselves in delivering top-notch technical support for a range of intercom systems from trusted brands like Commax Intercoms and Hikvision Intercom.

From fixing minor glitches to rectifying major faults, our qualified team can efficiently deal with your intercom’s issues while minimising disturbance to you.

  • Our services stretch beyond simple repairs too. We extend our expertise to the optimisation of existing systems, ensuring they continue to function seamlessly over time.

Experts further bolsters this commitment by providing affordable intercom maintenance solutions across Cape Town.

With us on board, you not only save money from potential high-cost breakdowns but also gain peace of mind knowing that certified professionals are just a call away for any type of gate intercom repairs or BPT intercom repairs you require.

Upgrades and Expansion of Intercom Systems

In the fast-paced digital age, upgrading and expanding your intercom systems is not a luxury but an imperative component to maintaining robust security and streamlined communication.

  • South Africa boasts a market that appreciates advancements in intercom technology, responding promptly to changing demands with suitable upgrades or expansions.

Whether it’s residential spaces seeking greater peace of mind or commercial premises aiming for seamless connectivity, professional services are available to meet these unique needs.

  • By availing these accredited intercom services, you tap into enhanced features offering scalability and flexibility.

This commitment mirrors our collective drive towards offering refined solutions that accommodate any given setting or scope of operation without compromising simplicity and user-friendliness.

System Integration of Intercom Systems

One key advantage of the intercom systems provided by these companies is their ability to seamlessly integrate with other building access automation systems.

  • This means that you can easily control entry and exit points, maximizing security and convenience.

For example, you can combine your intercom system with an access control system, allowing authorized individuals to enter with a simple touch or swipe.

  • This level of integration ensures smooth and efficient communication within your premises while enhancing overall security measures.

It’s all about creating a connected and safe environment for both residential complexes and commercial buildings alike.

Intercom System Troubleshooting & Support

If you’re experiencing any issues with your intercom system, rest assured that there are professional installers in South Africa who can provide troubleshooting and support services.

  • These experts have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and resolve any problems you may encounter with your intercom system.

Whether it’s a faulty connection, malfunctioning equipment, or any other technical issue, these professionals can quickly identify the root cause of the problem and offer effective solutions.

  • With their help, you can ensure that your intercom system is back up and running smoothly in no time.

So, if you’re facing any difficulties with your intercom system, don’t hesitate to reach out to these experienced technicians for prompt assistance.

Complete Suite of Intercom Products in South Africa

Discover a wide range of intercom products in South Africa, including wired and wireless systems, video intercoms, gate intercoms, apartment intercoms, commercial intercoms, residential intercoms, IP intercoms, and access control systems.

Wired Intercom Systems

Wired intercom systems are a popular choice in South Africa, offering a comprehensive range of intercom products for various applications.

  • These systems use cables to connect the different components, ensuring reliable communication within buildings.

When installed properly, wired intercom systems can withstand insect invasion and provide years of dependable service. With options like slim-line designs and simplicity of use, these intercom system products offer convenience and peace of mind.

  • They can also be easily integrated with other devices using Cat 5 cables, providing seamless connectivity throughout your space.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to enhance communication within your building, wired intercom systems are definitely worth considering!

Wireless Intercom Systems

Wireless intercom systems offer a convenient and versatile communication solution for homes, complexes, and residential estates in South Africa.

  • These systems are designed to provide seamless communication without the hassle of wires or cables.

For instance, Zartek South Africa offers wireless intercom systems that come with portable and rechargeable handsets.

  • This means you can answer calls from anywhere within the range of 50 to 350 meters, depending on line of sight.

With features like these, wireless intercoms are a popular choice for those seeking flexible communication options. They also offer added security and surveillance features with options like integrated cameras available in some models.

Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems offer a powerful solution for efficient and secure communication in both residential and commercial settings.

  • With options for both analogue and IP door intercoms, these systems provide clear two-way audio and video verification

Hikvision’s Video Intercom line, for example, offers a comprehensive range of products designed to meet various needs.

  • Zartek wireless intercom systems provide another versatile option with easy installation.

Whether you need to communicate with visitors at your front gate or monitor multiple entry points within your building, video intercom systems offer convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Gate Intercom Systems

Gate intercom systems in South Africa provide secure and convenient communication between visitors and property owners.

  • With full duplex telephone communications, these systems allow for clear and uninterrupted conversations.

Whether you need an analogue or IP door intercom, or even an IP Doorphone, South Africa offers a range of options to suit your needs.

  • Zartek South Africa provides digital wireless gate systems with impressive ranges of 50-70m in built-up areas, ensuring reliable coverage throughout your property.

Wired and wireless gate intercom systems are available for purchase, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your budget and requirements.

  • Gate Repair Services in South Africa is also there to supply and repair quality intercom systems for both homes and businesses alike.

These slim-line, user-friendly intercoms make it simple to communicate with guests at the touch of a button. Plus, with online purchasing options offering door-to-door delivery services, getting your hands on an efficient gate intercom system has never been easier.

Apartment Intercom Systems

Apartment intercom systems are an essential feature for secure and convenient living in multi-unit buildings.

  • With wireless intercom systems available in South Africa, residents can easily communicate with visitors before granting them access.

The Global Voice door phone system even allows communication over a mobile network using a prepaid SIM card, providing flexibility and ease of use.

  • For apartment buildings, the POLOphone audio intercom system offers reliability and versatility.

Additionally, some apartment intercom systems include a door release feature, allowing residents to conveniently grant access to visitors without having to physically open the door themselves.

Commercial Intercom Systems

Commercial intercom systems in South Africa offer a wide range of features and benefits for businesses of all sizes.

  • These systems are designed to provide seamless communication between different areas within the premises, enhancing security, efficiency, and overall productivity.

With options such as gate stations, door intercoms, and IP Doorphones, commercial intercom systems allow full duplex telephone communications and easy remote access control.

  • They also come with advanced features like video capabilities and remote control functionalities.

Carina:Intercom offers an affordable yet reliable two-way communication system that is user-friendly with one-click operation. Experts specialize in installing and maintaining affordable residential and commercial intercom systems in Cape Town.

Residential Intercom Systems

Residential intercom systems in South Africa offer a wide range of options for homeowners looking to enhance their home security and communication.

  • These intercom systems, including wired and wireless solutions, provide convenient access control and seamless two-way communication between different areas of the house.

With just a click of a button, residents can easily communicate with visitors at the gate or other parts of the property.

  • These slim-line intercom products are designed to be user-friendly and stylishly fit into any home decor.

Plus, with full duplex telephone communication and integration capabilities, these residential intercom systems ensure clear and uninterrupted conversations.

So, whether you’re looking for added convenience or increased security, residential intercom systems are a valuable addition to any home in South Africa.

IP Intercom Systems

IP Intercom Systems offer a cutting-edge solution for secure and efficient communication within buildings.

  • These advanced systems utilize packet audio technology over the IP network, providing full-duplex telephone communications.

With options like gate stations, analogue and IP door intercoms, and IP Doorphones, you have a wide range of choices to suit your specific needs.

  • What’s great is that digital intercom stations can easily be connected using Cat 5 cable, making installation hassle-free.

Whether you’re looking for standard intercom systems or more advanced IP-based ones, South Africa has a complete suite of intercom products available to enhance your communication experience.

Access Control Intercom Systems

Experts offer a wide range of intercom systems, including access control intercom systems.

  • These systems are designed to provide enhanced security and convenience by integrating with building access automation systems.

With our access control intercom systems, you can easily manage and control entry to your premises, allowing authorized personnel to enter while keeping out unauthorized individuals.

  • Our intercoms can be integrated with other security features such as license plate recognition technology, making them ideal for neighbourhood CIDs in South Africa.

Whether it’s for your home or business, our access control intercom systems ensure that only the right people have access to your property.

Trusted Brands of Intercom Systems for Sale [Supply & Install]

Choose from a wide range of trusted intercom brands for sale and installation, including Commax, Kocom, Bpt, Hikvision, Digitech, Zartek, and Aiphone.

Kocom Intercom

Kocom Intercom is one of the trusted brands when it comes to intercom systems for residential homes.

  • They offer a range of high-quality products designed to enhance security and convenience.

One notable feature is their easy installation process, making it hassle-free for homeowners.

  • With Kocom intercom systems, you can enjoy the benefits of a Door Open function that can be activated using an I-Button Key (Dallas Chip).

These systems are also equipped with ample storage capacity, allowing for efficient communication by storing up to 1,300 numbers. The lens of Kocom intercoms ensures clear and sharp images with its focal length of 3.6mm and aperture of F1.6.

Bpt Intercom

Bpt Intercoms are a trusted and reputable brand offering European quality, reliability, and ease of use.

  • They are widely used in South Africa and known for their integration with high-end AV installations.

Bpt Intercom Systems are available for both supply and installation, ensuring that you have access to the latest technology in secure communication solutions.

  • With a variety of models and spare parts available, Bpt Intercoms offer advanced features and functionalities to meet your specific needs.

Whether it’s for residential or commercial applications, Bpt Intercoms provide wireless installation options, ensuring convenience and flexibility in your intercom system setup. Rest assured that with Bpt Intercoms’ durability and longevity, you can rely on their products to deliver reliable communication solutions for years to come.

Hikvision Intercom

Hikvision Intercom is a leading brand that offers a comprehensive range of door access control and video intercom systems.

  • With their wired, IP systems, security cameras, and software, Hikvision provides top-notch video and sound quality for your security needs.

Their IP video intercom range can be purchased online and shipped worldwide. Hikvision also offers excellent technical support through email, phone, and online chat.

  • Customers in South Africa especially appreciate the high resolution 7-inch colorful TFT LCD display featured in the Hikvision DS-KH6320-WTE1 Video Intercom Indoor Station.

Find detailed information about Hikvision intercom systems to enhance your surveillance system today!

Digitech Intercom

Digitech Intercom is a trusted brand that offers top-grade intercom systems for sale and installation in South Africa.

  • They provide a wide range of options, including the Digitech Single Audio Door Intercom which features single audio communication and a gate release function.

This intercom system meets IP44 weatherproof standards and comes with a rain shield for added protection.

  • The outdoor unit of the Digitech Single Audio Door Intercom has a backlight for easy visibility, making it convenient to use even at night.
  • Installation is made simple with its 2-wire connection. Digitech also offers other intercom options, such as audio wired intercoms in white or black colour variations.

With their expertise in residential and commercial installations, they are well-versed in various brands and models of intercom systems, including GSM-based intercoms and video intercoms.

Zartek Intercom

Zartek Intercom is a leading provider of wireless intercom systems in South Africa.

  • Offering a range of products to suit various needs, Zartek ensures reliable and efficient communication at your fingertips.

One of their popular options is the Zartek CDP-801 One Button Digital Wireless Intercom Kit, featuring automatic gate communication and a convenient push-to-talk function at the handset.

  • This kit is perfect for residential properties, offices, small complexes, and security access points.
  • In addition to intercom systems, Zartek also offers a range of two-way radios for enhanced communication capabilities.

With their trusted brands and competitive prices, Zartek ensures that customers can find high-quality and dependable solutions for all their communication requirements.

Aiphone Intercom

Aiphone Intercom is a trusted and reliable brand that has been developing and manufacturing intercom systems for over 70 years.

  • With a market share of over 50% in Japan, Aiphone is known for its high-quality and innovative communication solutions.

Their range of intercom systems includes video intercom and door entry systems, making them perfect for care facilities, healthcare centers, and other establishments.

  • Aiphone’s advanced features provide security and access control, ensuring the safety of your premises.

They offer installation services, maintenance support, as well as regular testing to ensure optimal performance. Aiphone’s user-friendly intercom app also makes communication convenient and easy.

Rewards of Upgrading to a New Intercom System

  • Enhanced Security: A new intercom system acts as the first line of defense, allowing you to screen visitors before granting them access. This prevents unwanted guests from entering your premises and ensures the safety of both residents and employees.
  • Improved Communication: Say goodbye to shouting across the house or struggling to hear announcements in a large building. A new intercom system provides clear and reliable communication between different areas, making it easier for individuals to connect and coordinate.
  • Ease of Access: With an upgraded intercom system, granting access becomes quick and convenient. Whether it’s allowing delivery personnel into your apartment complex or unlocking the gate for visitors at your office, you can control entry with just a touch of a button.
  • Customization Options: New intercom systems offer flexibility and can be customized to meet your specific needs. From choosing the features you require, such as video capabilities or integration with other security systems, to tailoring the design to match your aesthetic preferences, you have full control over how your intercom system functions.
  • Advanced Technology: Upgraded intercom systems incorporate advanced technology for enhanced functionality. Enjoy features like IP intercoms that allow for remote management and control through mobile devices or integration with other smart home devices for seamless automation.

Best Features to Consider in Intercom Systems

  1. Video Feed: A video intercom system allows you to see who is at your door before granting access. This adds an extra layer of security, particularly for homes or businesses.
  2. Door Release Buzzers: With this feature, you can remotely unlock doors or gates from your intercom system. It’s convenient for allowing access to trusted visitors without having to physically open the door.
  3. Mobile Virtual Keys: Some intercom systems offer mobile app integration, allowing you to use your smartphone as a virtual key. This eliminates the need for physical keys and provides added convenience.
  4. Doorbells: An intercom system with a built-in doorbell ensures that visitors can easily announce their presence at your door.
  5. Voice Clarity: Look for an intercom system that provides clear and crisp audio communication between the indoor unit and outdoor station. Good voice clarity is essential for effective communication.
  6. Multiple Mounting Options: Consider an intercom system that offers various mounting options, such as flush-mounted or surface-mounted options, depending on your specific installation requirements.

Affordable Intercom Installations throughout South Africa

Get affordable intercom installations in South Africa. Benefit from cost-effective solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Upgrade your security today!

Affordable Residential Intercom Installations

Looking for affordable residential intercom installations in South Africa? Look no further!

  • Our accredited intercom system installers specialize in providing top-quality installations at competitive prices.

Whether you need a wired or wireless system, we have the expertise to meet your needs and budget.

  • With our extensive range of intercom products, including video intercoms and access control systems, we can ensure seamless communication and enhanced security for your home.

Trust our experienced professionals to handle everything from installation to maintenance and repairs, ensuring that your residential intercom system operates flawlessly. Choose affordable excellence with our expert team today!

Affordable Commercial Intercom Installations

Experts offer affordable commercial intercom installations in Cape Town, South Africa.

  • With their expertise and experience, they provide cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to enhance their communication systems.

Whether you need intercoms for office buildings, warehouses, or retail spaces, Planet Automation has the right options to meet your needs and budget.

  • Their professional team ensures seamless installation and integration of the intercom system with your existing infrastructure.

Choose experts for reliable and affordable commercial intercom installations that will streamline communication within your business.

Affordable Industrial Intercom Installations

Affordable industrial intercom installations are readily available throughout South Africa, allowing businesses to enhance their security and communication systems without straining their budget.

  • With reliable suppliers offering cost-effective solutions, businesses can enjoy the benefits of seamless communication within their industrial settings.

These systems play a crucial role in ensuring efficient operations and secure communication among staff members. By choosing affordable intercom installations, businesses can improve productivity while maintaining financial stability.

Affordable Gate Intercom Installations

If you’re looking for affordable gate intercom installations in South Africa, professional companies are the go-to.

  • With their expertise in the field and a focus on customer satisfaction, they are dedicated to providing high-quality intercom systems at reasonable prices.

Whether it’s for residential or commercial properties, they have the knowledge and experience to design and install an intercom system that suits your specific needs.

  • In addition to installation services, experts also offer maintenance and repair solutions to ensure that your intercom system continues to function optimally over time.

So why compromise on safety and convenience when you can have affordable gate intercom installations from a trusted provider? Reach out to them today for a reliable solution!

Affordable Wireless Intercom Installations

Wireless intercom installations offer an affordable and hassle-free solution for effective communication in your residential or commercial property.

  • With the convenience of wireless technology, there is no need for complex wiring, making the installation process quick and straightforward.

Companies specialize in providing affordable wireless intercom systems that are easy to set up without any mess or inconvenience.

  • These wireless intercoms are particularly suitable for complexes and apartments, as they can be installed with multiple gate stations and indoor monitors.

Additionally, smart intercom systems offer flexibility in their wireless installation, allowing residents to communicate from anywhere within the premises.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to enhance communication and security on your property, consider opting for a wireless intercom system that offers simplicity, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

Affordable Video Intercom Installations

Affordable video intercom installations are a popular choice for enhancing security and convenience in homes and businesses across South Africa.

  • With the advancements in technology, video intercom systems now offer clear audio and high-resolution video capabilities, allowing you to see and communicate with visitors at your door or gate from any room in your property.

Companies provide affordable wireless video intercom systems that eliminate the need for complicated wiring installations, making it easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of enhanced communication and access control.

Whether you’re looking to improve security or simply streamline visitor management, affordable video intercom installations offer an effective solution that fits within your budget.

Affordable Access Control Intercom Installations

Experts offers affordable access control intercom installations throughout South Africa.

  • Their team of expert installers ensures that you can have a reliable and secure intercom system without breaking the bank.

With their extensive experience in the industry, they understand the importance of access control and communication in residential and commercial settings.

  • Whether you need an intercom system for your home, office, or any other property, experts provide cost-effective solutionstailored to your specific needs.

By choosing their services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your access control requirements are taken care of professionally and affordably.

In-Depth Guide to Intercom Costs and Installation Charges in South Africa 2023

Intercom systems are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, providing enhanced security and convenience for homes and businesses.

  • If you’re considering installing an intercom system, it’s essential to understand the costs involved.

In 2023, the price of an intercom system and installation can range from as low as £100 up to higher amounts for more advanced hard-wired or wireless options.

For those looking for a video intercom system, prices can vary even more, with estimates ranging from R1 000 to R30 000 or more.

Factors such as the complexity of the installation and additional features like remote access capabilities can impact the overall cost.

When exploring your options for intercom systems in South Africa, it’s crucial to consider not only prices but also factors like quality and reliability.

  • You’ll want to choose a trusted brand that offers excellent performance and durability over time.

Some reputable brands available include Commax Intercoms, Kocom Intercoms, Bpt Intercoms, Hikvision Intercoms, Digitech Intercoms, Zartek Intercoms, Aiphone Intercoms.

  • To make an informed decision about which type of intercom system is best suited for your needs and budget it will be helpful if you consult with professional installers who have experience working with various brands and models.

They can guide you through the process by assessing your specific requirements and recommending suitable options within your price range.

Service Areas Covered by Accredited Intercom System Installers in South Africa

Service Areas Covered by Accredited Intercom System Installers in South Africa

Our accredited intercom system installers provide service coverage throughout South Africa, including Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Free State and Mpumalanga.

Read more to discover the specific neighbourhoods we serve!

Regions Covered by Local Approved Installers

Here are the regions covered by our local approved installers:

  1. Gauteng
  2. Kwa – Zulu Natal
  3. Eastern Cape
  4. Western Cape
  5. Northern Cape
  6. North West
  7. Limpopo
  8. Free State
  9. Mpumalanga

Specific Neighbourhoods Serviced

  • Bellville
  • Brackenfell
  • Durbanville
  • Edenvale
  • Fourways
  • George
  • Mossel Bay
  • Somerset West
  • Table View
  • Alberton
  • Boksburg
  • Kempton Park
  • Krugersdorp
  • Midrand
  • Pretoria East

Conclusion about Intercom Systems: Work with professional intercom installers for a reliable intercom system!

Conclusion about Intercom Systems Work with professional intercom installers for a reliable intercom system!

In conclusion, when it comes to intercom systems, it’s crucial to work with professional installers for a reliable and efficient setup.

  • From installation and upgrades to maintenance and repairs, accredited intercom services in South Africa offer a complete suite of top-grade products.

Whether you need a wired or wireless system, video or gate intercom, residential or commercial solution – trusted brands like Commax, Kocom, Hikvision, and more are available.

Don’t compromise on security and convenience; choose experienced experts for your intercom needs!


1. What is an intercom system and how does it work?

An intercom system is a communication device that allows individuals to communicate with each other within a building or property.

  • It works by using both audio and visual signals to transmit messages between different locations, typically through wired or wireless connections.

2. What are the main benefits of installing an intercom system?

Installing an intercom system offers several benefits, including improved security as you can verify visitors before granting them access, convenient communication between different areas of a building or property, enhanced privacy as you can screen calls before answering, and increased efficiency in managing visitor entry.

3. Are intercom systems suitable for residential properties?

Yes, intercom systems are commonly used in residential properties to improve convenience and security.

  • They allow homeowners to communicate with visitors at their front door without having to physically open the door, providing an added layer of security against potential intruders.

4. Do I need professional installation for an intercom system?

Professional installation is highly recommended for intercom systems as it ensures proper setup and integration with existing infrastructure such as doors, gates, or surveillance cameras if necessary.

  • Professionals have the expertise to handle wiring, programming, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise during installation process.