Once again at Stainless Steel Carports Johannesburg,  this is our area of expertise and knowledge, we pride ourselves in the installations we do for our new and repeat customers alike. Our main goal and focus are customer satisfaction across the board.

Stainless Steel Carports Johannesburg  specialize in the different styles of carports and shading, namely; wall mounted, or a two and four pole structure.Our two and four pole structures are the most common and are generally flat roofed. However, if our client is looking for something that has a more unique shape or more of a different design, we are able to assist.

Our shaded, netted designs can be used for anything from domestic to commercial use. Whether you are looking to increase the property value of your home by adding in some extra covered parking alternatives or whether you are looking to provide shade for the grandstand at your school’s sports field, our wonderful and experienced team are on hand to assist.

Our two or four pole carport structures are suitable for home, office, or retail and shopping centre use. The four-pole carport is literally exactly that, a carport structure that has four poles which are what holds the carport up and in place.

Our two-pole carport structure allows for more movement when it comes to parking as the poles are at the back of the carport. This means that there is more room to manoeuvre your car and the likely hood of hitting a pole is slim as these are strategically placed at the back which maximises on the room of the parking bay.

Both carport options have the ability to double up as a solar panel which allows for an energy saving environment especially during those frequent stages of load shedding.

Our excellent team are on call and ready to make your design idea a reality.