As this is our area of expertise and knowledge, Wall Mounted Carports Johannesburg  pride ourselves in theinstallations we do for our new and repeat customers alike. Our main goal and focus are customer satisfaction across the board.

Wall Mounted Carports Johannesburg  specialize in the different styles of carports and shading, namely; wall mounted, or a two and four pole structure.

Our wall mounted carports come in handy especially if we have limited space to work with as this eliminates the need to erect poles to hold up the carports. Our wall mounted carports are placed between two walls with either the netting or a stainless-steel roof fitted across.

These generally come in a standard size, however we can make these to a more specific dimension and size especially if our clients were looking to subsequently fit two cars behind each other as opposed to next too each other.

Our clients have the option to choose our durable netting in a variety of colours. We specialize in more of the standard colour range such as green, blue,red, brown and black. These have a higher ultra violet protection percentage in comparison to our other colours. We do however offer colours to suit the more outgoing customer.

Regardless of the colour chosen though, all of our netting has a UV protection range of approximately 85% upwards.

If our client would prefer, we are also able to offer our wall mounted carports in stainless steel instead. This would be a lot more durable, and more for the client who is willing to spend a little bit extra in terms of costs for what they are looking to get done.

Both options are durable and offer protection against the harsh elements as well as the sun. They are also easily maintained and simple to install.