Carports Pretoria: Quality Carport Installations in Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, Tshwane, Johannesburg

Carports Pretoria: Quality Carport Installations in Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, Johannesburg

Carports Pretoria is an expert in delivering high-quality carports in Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion and Johannesburg. They understand the importance of protecting your vehicle from the elements, which is why they offer everything from sturdy shade net carports in Pretoria to robust metal structures.

Whether you live in Johannesburg or Centurion, Carport Pretoria offers a variety of carports for sale in Pretoria to suit your needs.

With competitive carports Pretoria prices, you’re sure to find an option that fits both your budget and style preferences. The dedicated team is ready to help you with professional carport Pretoria installations.

Browse through the site to explore our quality Pretoria carports and see how easy and cost- it is to protect your vehicles with flair! We’re committed to your satisfaction and are here to provide the best possible carports in Pretoria.

Let’s partner up to make your Pretoria carport installation project a resounding success!

Let us assist you in finding professional Pretoria Carports installers for installation and repairs near me

Finding the right team for your carport needs in Pretoria is easy with us. We connect you with expert installers who specialise in building and fixing carports. They work all over Pretoria East, North, West, Centurion, and Johannesburg.

Whether it’s steel shadeports or custom designs, they handle everything. Our professionals offer free quotes too. You get top-notch service for residential or commercial spaces without breaking the bank.

Next up, let’s look at the different types of carport services available in Pretoria to match your exact needs.

Expert installation makes all the difference for long-lasting protection.

Types of Carport Services Available in Pretoria & Pretoria East

Types of Carport Services Available in Pretoria

  1. Custom Carport Design:
    • Tailored designs to fit specific dimensions and aesthetics.
    • Options for residential, commercial and industrial properties.
  2. Carport Installation Services:
    • Installation of all types of carports: metal, wood and polycarbonate.
    • Includes groundwork, construction and finishing.
  3. Carport Repair and Maintenance:
    • Services for repairing damages like dents, rust and wear.
    • Regular maintenance checks.
  4. Carport Renovation and Upgrades:
    • Upgrading with new materials or additional features like solar panels.
    • Enhancements for better weather resistance and durability.
  5. Mobile Carport Assembly:
    • Portable carports that can be set up and taken down as needed.
    • Ideal for temporary or seasonal use.
  6. Shade Net Carports Installation:
    • Designed to block UV rays while allowing ventilation.
    • Popular in residential areas for parking and recreational shade.
  7. Commercial Carport Solutions:
    • Large-scale carport installations for business and retail parks.
    • Custom designs to accommodate fleets, customers or employees.
  8. Steel and Aluminium Carports:
    • Durable carports made from steel or aluminium.
    • Aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting solutions.
  9. Carport Kits for DIY Projects:
    • Include all materials and instructions.
    • Suitable for DIY People
  10. Automated Carport Systems:
    • Automated features for opening and closing roofs.
    • Smart solutions for ease and convenience.
  11. Carport Roofing Replacement:
    • Replacement of roofing due to damage or as an upgrade.
    • Materials available: metal sheets, polycarbonate and tiles.
  12. Custom Carport Painting and Finishing:
    • Professional painting services
    • Weatherproof finishes to protect against the elements.

Types of Carports for Sale in Pretoria, East, West, North

Pretoria offers a wide variety of carports for sale. From shade-net to steel, you’ll find something that fits your needs.

  1. Single Carports:
    • Designed to shelter one vehicle, ideal for smaller properties or limited spaces.
    • Available in various materials like metal, wood, or polycarbonate.
  2. Double Carports:
    • Accommodates two vehicles, commonly used in residential areas.
    • Options include side-by-side or tandem layouts
  3. Multi-Vehicle Carports:
    • Structures large enough to cover three or more vehicles
    • Often custom-designed
  4. Freestanding Carports:
    • Standalone structures that are not attached to any other building
    • Popular choice for open areas in gardens or driveways.
  5. Attached Carports:
    • Carports that are built to adjoin an existing structure
    • Provides direct access to the building
  6. Metal Carports:
    • Constructed from durable materials: steel or aluminum
    • Requires less maintenance and is resistant to pest damage.
  7. Wooden Carports:
    • Offers a natural and traditional look
    • Requires regular maintenance
  8. Polycarbonate Carports:
    • Made with a durable, transparent material that allows light to pass through while providing weather protection.
    • Modern look and often used for contemporary property designs.
  9. Canvas or Fabric Carports:
    • It utilizes fabric covers, which are easy to install and move.
    • Provides a flexible and cost-effective solution
  10. Shade Net Carports:
    • Made with netting material that protects from sunlight while allowing ventilation.
    • Ideal for areas where light weather protection is sufficient.
  11. Portable Carports:
    • Lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble.
    • Suitable for temporary needs, such as event hosting
  12. Solar Carports:
    • Provides covered parking while generating electricity.
    • An eco-friendly option that can help reduce electricity costs.
  13. Custom Carports:
    • Designed and built according to specific client requirements and preferences.
    • Allows for unique shapes, sizes, and materials
  14. RV and Boat Carports:
    • Larger and taller carports designed to accommodate boats, or trailers.
    • Protects from weather and external elements
  15. Industrial Carports:
    • Heavy-duty structures designed for commercial and industrial use.
    • Can be used for large vehicles, machinery, or as workshop spaces.

Carport Sizes and Materials in Pretoria, Tshwane & Johannesburg

Choosing the right carport involves considering both size and material.

Size (Standard Dimensions) Material Options Suitable For
Single Carport Metal (Steel, Aluminium) One standard car
(3m x 6m) Wood
Double Carport Metal (Steel, Aluminium) Two standard cars
(6m x 6m) Wood
Triple Carport Metal (Steel, Aluminium) Three or more standard cars
(9m x 6m) Shade Netting
RV and Boat Carport Metal (Steel, Aluminium) Recreational vehicles, boats, large vehicles
(4m x 8m to 4m x 12m) Polycarbonate
Portable Carport Canvas, Fabric Temporary or seasonal use
(Variable sizes) Metal (Lightweight frames)
Custom Carport Any of the above Specific client requirements

This table highlights the primary options. I have experience installing both sizes. The single carport fits one vehicle comfortably, while the double shelters two. Material choice affects durability, aesthetics, and price.

Carports Pretoria: Carport Installations in Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, Johannesburg

Find top carport builders in Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, Johannesburg. They fit and fix all types of car shelters with care.

Single Carport Installations

Single carport installations provide a simple yet effective solution for protecting one vehicle. These installations fit perfectly in smaller spaces. Carport installers in Pretoria cater to various properties, be it residential or commercial.

They use different materials and sizes to meet specific needs. Steel construction is common, offering durability against weather elements.

A single carport installation keeps your car safe and adds value to your property.

Choosing the right installer ensures quality workmanship and material use. This choice makes all the difference in the longevity and performance of the carport. In Pretoria, options range from metal to polycarbonate structures, each with its benefits.

Customers should consider their specific situation when picking a type of single carport installation.

Double Carport Installations

Our team specialises in double carport installations, a perfect choice for homeowners and businesses looking for extra space to shield two vehicles from the weather. With common dimensions of 6m x 6m, these structures fit well in various settings across Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, and Johannesburg.

We cater to residential, commercial, and government properties ensuring each installation meets our high standards for quality and durability.

Choosing a double carport means opting for a free-standing structure that not only protects your cars but also adds value to your property. Our experience has shown us that whether you select wood or metal for your carport in Centurion or any other area we serve, satisfaction comes from knowing your assets are well-protected against the elements.

And with our comprehensive 2024 Carport Pricing Guide covering Pretoria to Cape Town, you’ll find transparent pricing options suited to every budget.

Triple Carport Installations

Triple carport installations offer spacious parking for three vehicles under one roof. The cost in South Africa ranges from R150/sqm to R190/sqm, making it an affordable option for many.

These larger shelters are perfect for families with multiple cars or those needing extra space for bikes and tools. Carports Pretoria provides high-quality steel options that stand up to the weather, giving you peace of mind.

Choosing a triple carport means getting a durable shelter that connects to your home or stands free in the yard. Experts at Carports Pretoria can guide you through the selection process, ensuring your new structure fits perfectly with your needs and property layout.

With professional installers ready to help, setting up your new carport is hassle-free and efficient, keeping your vehicles safe from sun and rain.

Custom Carport Installations

Carports Pretoria excels in crafting custom carport installations. Whether you’re in Pretoria East, West, North, Centurion, or Johannesburg, they’ve got your needs covered. From unique designs to fit specific spaces, their team tackles each project with expertise and creativity.

I once needed a tailored solution for my oddly-shaped driveway and they delivered perfectly.

Their work doesn’t stop at standard options. They handle everything from single to industrial-scale structures with an array of materials—metal, wood, aluminium, and even polycarbonate.

Metal Carport Installations

Choosing the right team for metal carport installations ensures your property gets a durable, long-lasting cover. Our experts specialise in setting up steel shelters for homes, businesses, and government spots around Pretoria – East, West, North, Centurion, Johannesburg.

They work fast to put up these strong structures.

We treat every project with care to give you a sturdy and reliable carport.

Our crew uses quality materials like corrugated iron and structured steel. This choice makes sure your car or van stays safe from weather damage.

Wooden Carport Installations

Carports Pretoria brings expert wooden carport installations to your doorstep. These carports are perfect for cars, trailers, boats, caravans, and trucks. With a focus on quality and durability, our team ensures your vehicle stays protected from the weather.

Our services cover areas including Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, and Johannesburg. Whether you’re looking for a single or double carport – or even something custom-made – we’ve got you covered.

Aluminium Carport Installations

Moving on from the charm of wooden shelters, aluminium carport installations offer a sleek, modern alternative. They are light yet strong—capable of protecting your cars, trailers, boats, caravans, and lorries from harsh weather.

Carports Pretoria excels in installing these metal shelters throughout Pretoria East, West, North Centurion and Johannesburg. They craft single to custom-sized structures tailored to your needs.

The company proudly stands as one of the top picks for such projects in Pretoria West. They provide free quotes making it easy for you to plan this addition to your property.

Polycarbonate Carport Installations

Polycarbonate carports stand out for their durability and quick setup. Teams can build these structures in just 2-3 days across South Africa. They’re perfect for those who need a sturdy shelter quickly without breaking the bank.

Plus, these carports are made from strong materials that last.

Enjoy fast, affordable protection with polycarbonate carport installations.

These shelters protect your vehicle from sun and rain while being light on your pocket. With competitive prices in Pretoria, choosing a polycarbonate cover means opting for both quality and value.

Their transparent roofing brightens the space underneath, making them a popular choice among homeowners and businesses alike.

PVC Carport Installations

Switching from polycarbonate to PVC, we find durability and style meet in PVC carport installations. Carports Pretoria leads with expert PVC options that boast a 20-year guarantee and UV resistance.

These shelters are perfect for cars at homes, businesses, and government areas across Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, Johannesburg.

Shade Net Installations

Shade nets are popular in Pretoria and its surrounding areas like Centurion and Johannesburg.

They offer superb protection against the sun’s harsh rays while ensuring good airflow. Customers have a choice of single, double, triple, or custom sizes. This makes them ideal for different types of vehicles.

Whether for repairs or new setups, they ensure the end product is durable and meets aesthetic goals. Prices will vary depending on the location within Pretoria due to labour costs but remain affordable throughout.

Shade Sails Installation

Installing shade sails in Pretoria offers a stylish way to protect your car, boat, or caravan from the harsh sun. These installations come in single, double, and triple sizes—or even tailor-made options to fit exactly what you need.

Prices for these protective covers start at R2000 for just the material. Yet, with fitting costs included, expect to pay between R3500 and R7700+. This range makes it clear—getting a shade sail fitted is an affordable choice for shielding your assets.

It’s essential to choose high-quality materials and skilled installers for the best results.

A good shade sail not only shields your vehicle but also elevates your space.

Carport Pretoria: Carport Repairs in Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, Johannesburg

Carports Pretoria knows your carport is vital. We fix carports in Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, Johannesburg. Our experts handle everything from small fixes to major repairs.

We use high-quality steel and shade materials for long-lasting results. You get fast service that makes your carport as good as new.

Our team offers free quotes for all repair jobs. Whether it’s a leak or structural damage, we’ve got you covered. Carport Repair and Maintenance Specialists work across Pretoria and Centurion to keep your car shelter safe and sturdy.

Trust us to protect your vehicle with professional repair services.

Why Choose Shade Net Carports Pretoria?

Why Choose Shade Net Carports Pretoria?

Shade net carports in Pretoria offer top-notch solutions for your car’s protection needs.

  1. Cost-effective protection – Shade net carports are cheaper than traditional garages or steel shelters but still keep your car safe from sun, rain, and hail.
  2. Durable materials – These carports use strong fabric that withstands harsh weather, ensuring your vehicle stays protected year-round.
  3. Easy to install – Compared to other types of shelters, shade net installations are quick and don’t need complex building work.
  4. Customisable for any space – Whether a small home or a large commercial area, these structures can be tailored to fit any size requirement.
  5. Keeps cars cooler – Shade nets block out a significant amount of sunlight, reducing the internal temperature of your vehicle during hot days.
  6. Variety of designs – You can choose from different colours and styles to match your property’s look.
  7. Low maintenance – These carports require minimal upkeep compared to metal or wood shelters.

Carport Design Options in Pretoria, East, West, North

Pretoria offers a variety of designs to suit any requirement.

Design Style Materials Used Features
Flat Roof Carport Metal, Polycarbonate, Wood Simple, sleek design; easy to construct
Gabled Roof Carport Metal, Wood A-frame style roof; better water runoff
Cantilever Carport Steel, Aluminium No posts on one side
Arch Roof Carport Steel, Polycarbonate Curved roof design; stylish and allows easy water runoff
Solar Carports Metal with Solar Panels Generates electricity
Shade Net Carports Shade Cloth with Metal Framework UV protection; ventilated design
Timber Frame Carport Wood (Pine, Cedar, etc.) Natural aesthetics; customizable
Portable Carport Canvas, Aluminum Mobile; easy to assemble and disassemble
Custom Designed Any preferred materials Made to specifications
Attached Carport Matches house materials Built connected to existing structures
Freestanding Carport Any preferred materials Standalone structure

Carport Accessories and Upgrades in Pretoria

These additions not only make your carport more versatile but also tailor it to meet your personal needs.

Accessory/Upgrade Function Benefits
LED Lighting Provides illumination Energy-efficient enhances safety
Solar-Powered Lights Eco-friendly lighting solution Reduces energy costs
Motion-Sensor Lights Security lighting Adds security, automatic activation
Gutters and Downspouts Manages water runoff Prevents water damage
Enclosure Panels Converts carport to garage Additional security
Lockable Gates/Doors Secures the carport area Prevents unauthorized access
CCTV Cameras Security surveillance Deters theft, monitors activity
Upgraded Roofing Improves durability and appearance Better weather resistance
Decorative Elements Enhances aesthetics Personalizes space, increases curb appeal
Solar Panels Generates electricity Reduces utility bills, sustainable energy source
Concrete Flooring Solidifies carport base Durable, easy to clean, supports heavy loads
Interlocking Tiles Easy-install flooring Flexible design options, easy to replace
Windbreakers Protects against wind Reduces wind impact, protects vehicles
Shade Cloths Provides shade and minor weather protection UV protection keeps area cooler
Utility Hooks Tool and equipment hanging Maximizes space keeps items organized
Automated Lighting Smart lighting control Convenience, energy saving
Enhanced Drainage Improves water management Prevents pooling and flooding,
Custom Paint/Stain Aesthetic upgrade Protection against elements

These upgrades, while seemingly simple, significantly enhance the usability and longevity of your carport, proving to be worthwhile investments.

Carports Pretoria Prices and Installation Costs 2024

Finding the right carport at a good price in Pretoria can seem like a big task. Prices for carports change based on size, shape, and what they’re made of.

Carport Type Material Average Size Price Range Installation Cost
Single Carports Metal 3m x 6m R7,000 – R15,000 R1,500 – R3,000
Wooden R9,000 – R18,000
Aluminium R10,000 – R20,000
Polycarbonate R9,000 – R17,000
PVC R8,000 – R16,000
Double Carports Metal 6m x 6m R12,000 – R24,000 R2,000 – R4,500
Wooden R15,000 – R30,000
Aluminium R16,000 – R32,000
Polycarbonate R15,000 – R28,000
PVC R14,000 – R27,000
Triple Carports Metal 9m x 6m R18,000 – R35,000 R3,000 – R6,000
Wooden R22,000 – R44,000
Aluminium R25,000 – R50,000
Polycarbonate R23,000 – R46,000
PVC R20,000 – R40,000
Attached Carports Metal Varies R15,000 – R30,000 R3,000 – R5,000
Wooden R18,000 – R36,000
Aluminium R19,000 – R38,000
Polycarbonate R17,000 – R34,000
PVC R16,000 – R32,000
Freestanding Carports Metal Varies R16,000 – R32,000 R3,500 – R7,000
Wooden R20,000 – R40,000
Aluminium R21,000 – R42,000
Polycarbonate R19,000 – R38,000
PVC R18,000 – R36,000
Shade Net Carports Shade Net Varies R5,000 – R12,000 R1,000 – R2,500

Our experience tells us that Carports Pretoria offers competitive rates. Whether it’s metal shelters or structures with solid roofs, we got you covered.

Shadeports Shade Net Carports Prices and Installation Costs in Pretoria 2024

Shadeports and shade net carport prices in Pretoria range from R8700 to R20500. Installation costs vary based on size and type.

Carport Type Average Size Material Price Range Installation Cost
Standard Shade Net Carport 3m x 6m Shade Net R5,000 – R12,000 R1,000 – R2,500
Double Shade Net Carport 6m x 6m Shade Net R10,000 – R20,000 R2,000 – R4,000
Custom Size Shade Net Carport Varies Shade Net Varies with size Varies with complexity

Shade Sails Prices and Installation Costs in Pretoria 2024

Looking for shade sails in Pretoria? Expert installers are ready to help set up your new shade cover. They offer both new and used options, perfect for any budget.

Shade Sail Type Average Size Material Price Range Installation Cost
Standard Shade Sail 3m x 3m UV-resistant fabric R1,500 – R3,000 R500 – R1,000
Medium Shade Sail 5m x 5m UV-resistant fabric R3,000 – R5,500 R1,000 – R2,000
Large Shade Sail 7m x 7m UV-resistant fabric R5,000 – R8,000 R1,500 – R3,000
Custom Shade Sail Custom sizes UV-resistant fabric Varies with size Varies with complexity

Our team recently installed a beautiful, durable shade sail in Centurion. The process was smooth, and the difference it made was huge!

Pretoria Carports Service Areas: Extensive Coverage Across Pretoria, Centurion, Tshwane, Johannesburg & More

Pretoria Carports Service Areas: Extensive Coverage Across Pretoria, Centurion, Johannesburg & More

Our Pretoria carports cover a wide range – from East to West, North to South, and even in Centurion and Johannesburg. We’ve got your area covered!

Pretoria Carports Service Areas: Pretoria, East, West, North, Centurion, Johannesburg

We’ve got Pretoria covered for all your carport needs. Our services reach across the entire area, including the busy streets of Johannesburg and the quiet corners of Centurion.

Whether you’re in Pretoria East looking for a sleek metal carport or in Pretoria West desiring a sturdy wooden one, we’re here to help.

Service Area Included Localities
Pretoria Central CBD, Hatfield, Sunnyside, Arcadia, Menlyn
Pretoria East Silver Lakes, Faerie Glen, Garsfontein, Lynnwood
Pretoria West Atteridgeville, Danville, Lotus Gardens, Pretoria West
Pretoria North Akasia, Rosslyn, Wonderboom, Pretoria North
Centurion Highveld, Eldoraigne, Wierdapark, Rooihuiskraal
Johannesburg Sandton, Randburg, Midrand, Soweto

I once needed a carport installed quickly before the rainy season hit my part of Pretoria North. I was amazed at how swiftly and efficiently the team worked to get it up just in time.

Contact us in Pretoria: Hire Shadeports Shade Net Carports Pretoria for Carport Installation and Repairs

Ready to protect your car from the sun and rain? Our team in Pretoria is here for you. We install and fix shade net carports quickly. You choose the design, we do the work. Your car stays safe, and your home looks great.

Call us now—let’s get started on keeping your vehicle cool and dry with a new or repaired shade net carport today!


1. What services do carport installers in Pretoria offer?

Carport installers in Pretoria provide a range of services including carport construction, installation, and repair for homes and businesses across Pretoria East, West, North, Centurion, and Johannesburg.

2. Can I find both metal and shade cloth carports in Pretoria?

Yes! In Pretoria, you have options ranging from sturdy steel carports to lightweight shade cloth options – perfect for protecting your vehicle from the elements.

3. Are there second-hand carports available for sale in Pretoria?

Absolutely! You can find quality second-hand carports for sale in Pretoria – a budget-friendly option without compromising on protection.

4. How do I choose the right installer for my carport in Pretoria?

Look for experienced and customer-centric installers with proven track records in installing various types of carports across different areas of Pretoria – reliability is key!

5. Do installers offer custom designs for carports?

Indeed! Many specialists provide custom design solutions that include structural steelwork to fit specific needs – whether it’s unique sizes or incorporating materials like pipes or i-beams.

6. Is it possible to get a quote before deciding on a Carport installation near me?

Yes – most reputable contractors will happily give you an upfront quote based on your requirements… Ensuring no surprises down the line!